VENTÓS is a leading company in the distribution of pure essential oils and aromatic chemicals for the flavours and fragrances industry.

Our division of AROMATHERAPY borns with the aim to supplying to professionals, distributors and wholesalers of aromatherapy, the best essential oils selected directly in source.

Our website will allow you to purchase online essential oils and carrier oils, always available for a prompt delivery, with dispatchment in 72h and without any minimum orders.

VENTÓS as wholesaler and manufacturer of essential oils, controls the chain from harvest to extraction, in order to guarantee the best essential oils quality in the market.

ERNESTO VENTÓS S.A., expert essential oil supplier with more than 100 years of experience in the market, has the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certifications for both its warehouse and its distillation plant, covering the design, production, packing, storing and trading of essential oils.

LA SOLANA is a little distillery where is obtained cypress essential oil. Placed in the Empordà, the raw material is obtained from a plantation located on the same farm.

Our Lab carry out an exhaustive control of products through organoleptic, spectrometric, chromatographic and physicochemical parameters tests, in order to ensure 100% pure and natural genuine essential oils according to ISO9235.

All tasks done by VENTÓS are resumed in just one word. ESSENCE. Giving our best is our ESSENCE, our day by day work, trying to give answers to your inquiries. We work to get YOUR answer