Essential Oil Eucalyptus Globulus 65% BIO

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Essential Oil Eucalyptus Globulus 65% BIO

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The essential oil of Eucalyptus is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and twigs of the Eucalyptus tree. It is native to Tasmania, Australia, but can be found in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, China and can be found in all over the world since it has the ability to adapt easily to the environment.
The essential oil of Eucalyptus 65 ex Globulus is a colourless liquid with a camphoraceous odour and woody undertone. One of the main constituents is Cineol. The main use of this oil is on pharmaceutical preparations, but also for perfumery, toothpaste…and in aromatherapy

Product details: Biological oil of Eucalyptus 65 ex Globulus, 100% pure, natural and genuine
Aroma: Tonic, Astrigent
Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus Labille
Country of origin: Spain
Method of extraction: Steam distillation
Part of the plant used: Leaves
Crop season: December – January
Cultivation: Biological
Chemotype: 1,8 cineol
Main constituents: 1,8 cineol; limonene
Applications: The essentials oils of Eucalyptus Globulus 65 can be used in aromatherapy.
It is suitable for the elaboration of flavours for internal use.
It can be used in fragrances, blends of essences for air fresheners and essential oil diffusers.
It can be used for the manufacture of cosmetics for topical uses.

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