Essential Oil Rose

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Essential Oil Rose

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Rose Damascena, also known as Turkish or Bulgarian Rose is one of the most characteristics crops in these regions. It is a small shrub between 1.5 and 2m. high with a pink and very fragrant flower. It is hard to cultivate and needs a very specific condition of soil and climate. It is a very delicate crop. The oil is a pale yellow liquid with a very rich deep sweet floral odour.

Product details: Rose essential oil, 100% pure, natural and genuine
Aroma: Sweet, Floral, Rose
Botanical name: Rose damascena
Country of origin: Bulgary
Method of extraction: Steam distillation
Part of the plant used: Flowers
Crop season: May – June
Cultivation: Conventional
Chemotype: Citronellol
Main constituents: Citronellol, Geraniol
Applications: The Rose essential oil is suitable in aromatherapy.
It can be used in fragrances, blends of essences for air fresheners and essential oil diffusers.
It can be used for the manufacture of cosmetics for topical use and for the elaboration of flavours.

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