It is neither ordinary nor commonplace for a project to keep going for over a hundred years. It is proof of its solidity and sense, showing that it is well executed and has overcome the obstacles that time has placed in its path.

These words belong to the introduction of the book about the centenary of our company. It explains the history of Ventós and its different periods: its origins in 1916 when it was founded by Ernest Ventós Casadevall, its development and consolidation by the hand of his son Ernest Ventós Ravetllat, until our days, with a Board of Direction constituted by members of the Ventós family and with Jordi Calonge as Managing Director.

These are extracts of the mentionned book, whose reduced version can be downloaded through the following link


 If a project is to survive and grow over a hundred years, it needs people who love it, believe in it, promote it, and defend it day after day. Those people are the company’s soul; they give it life and bestow its unique character upon it.

In the following videos, we have intended to capture the history of VENTÓS, from its beginnings until our days, with materials provided by the VENTÓS family. We have also aimed at giving voice to the employees so that they describe the way they live VENTÓS, what is VENTÓS for them, and how they imagine VENTÓS in 100 years.