Why oh why?

Jordi Calonge
Corporate Managing Director
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Ventós is growing solidly step by step, year after year and moving forward steadily and with great growth potential. But why keep growing? Why all this constant effort? What is it for?

Because adequately targeted growth enables us to improve and scale up our resources, collaborators, facilities, range of products and customers.

It also allows us to diversify in regions and operate in several countries. The ultimate aim? To carry out the expansion of an idea of success that generates wealth and well-being. This is the real reason behind our daily work at Ventós; the reason we thrive and believe in it, and which ultimately consists of generating positive harmonies with our employees, collaborators, clients and suppliers to help make the world a better place.

By fostering distribution of wealth, we help to enhance people’s quality of life.

When we buy Vetiver in Haiti, we are creating abundance in a poor country. When this same Vetiver flies in an expensive perfume from Paris, we are creating well-being and Ventós is in the middle of that. The same happens when we purchase Cardamom in Guatemala, Lemongrass in India, Patchouli in Indonesia, Eucalyptus in Brazil and Petitgrain in Paraguay... With these actions we help agricultural communities by giving them an income.

At Ventós we strive every day to continue growing. Why? To help improve the world, to distribute wealth and to foster well-being.

We will continue to do so, hopefully with your support.

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