Globalisation: Links in a chain

Bernat Martin
Corporate Operations Director
rrubau copia


In the last year, globalisation has been more than a reality for many of us. When we talk about the concept of the supply chain, we are referring to the combination of links that must fit perfectly together to achieve our aim: in our case, successfully delivering products to our customers. For this to happen, we have to forget about individual goals and always focus on the common goal.

This can be extremely complex if the various links are dependent on a wide range of factors! To reduce this complexity, we must make sure we have the necessary resources to be able to repackage, check and label our products, ranging from 1 to 1000 kg. Our team must rigorously apply procedures to guarantee product quality and meet customer service demands across the board.

We need hauliers that can deliver anywhere in the world, with the best transit times and customer service reliability. The Operations Department goal is for all of these links to work properly, seeking maximum efficiency at all times.

We are very mindful of how important it is to provide sound customer service and we therefore seek to add value at every logistical stage prior to delivery.

Technology and information management are essential to achieve this. These have allowed us to hit the following milestones in the last year:

Over 30,000 deliveries

83 countries involved

Transportation by land, sea and air

Shipments from 10 g to 20,000 kg

Over 30,000 m2 warehouse space in 8 countries

These are just a few figures that highlight the importance of strong links for the international growth targets we have set in Ventós.

Our new facilities in New Jersey open the way for new investments in China, Mexico and Brazil, with the sole aim of being ever closer to our customers and providing a global and more bespoke service.

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