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Angela Murillo
Comité RSC
Angela Murillo


In this issue, number 10, we expressly claim Corporate Social Responsibility because although we have felt this responsibility for a long time, we are aware that we are far from reaching the 10 that symbolises excellence and we know that we still have a long way to go.

But as challenges motivate us, we are convinced that with our commitment we will continue to improve our environment, both socially and environmentally.

Since 2015, when the member states of the United Nations approved the 17 SDGs as part of the 2030 Agenda, terms such as sustainable consumption, alternative energy, carbon footprint, carbon offsetting, etc. have become increasingly popular.

Our first steps were aimed towards offsetting our carbon footprint and we started contracting GREEN ENERGY.

Through the Sèlvans association, we unhesitatingly sponsor a forest of centenary trees of enormous biodiversity and high vulnerability at risk of disappearing. This consequently benefits the landscape and environment.

This is a Mediterranean country and it would be a pity if we didn’t use all the hours of sunshine that accompany us throughout the year. We began the first phase by installing solar panels on the roof of the distillation plant. We have now completed the second phase in another of our buildings. A great decision!

People who take care of forests, forests that take care of people.

We do not like plastic, so we undertake to continue eliminating it from our work environment. We have replaced it with paper, cardboard or biodegradable material in the distribution chain and our offices. We continue to seek new solutions for the most difficult cases.

Sensitive to the population affected by the consequences of COVID-19, we participate in economic actions with the CARITAS organisation to support the most vulnerable people affected by poverty.

Likewise, always committed to children suffering from cancer, both employees and the company collaborate annually with the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona, providing excitement and smiles during the Christmas holidays.

Sport is health, social cohesion and community. For this reason, we support local sports organisations and charity competitions.

We are looking forward to planting the first Ventós seed in an area recovered for reforestation. We’ll plant hundreds of trees! Thousands of trees! However, we’ll have to wait until it’s the right time of year, though before the end of 2022, the first generation of VENTÓS trees will have started to take root to offset the carbon footprint.

With the aim of becoming more transparent and wiser every day in sustainable production, we want to make all our suppliers and collaborators aware of the importance of good practices in the production and logistics of the products we sell. More and more clients are demanding this commitment from us, and together we must all contribute to good practice.

We will continue to increase the number of actions with true commitment, with the aim of achieving all the SDGs within our reach. Ventós joins this initiative with enthusiasm, hoping that together we can safeguard the future and care for our planet, and be part of a more supportive society that looks after the most vulnerable people, our employees, customers, the local community and society in general.

We want to do our bit and join everyone else to keep the planet alive.

We will continue to increase the number of actions with true commitment, with the aim of achieving all the SDGs within our reach.

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