Veraspice™, a journey through the heart of R&D

Eleni Govaars-Andrikaki
Senior Marketing Manager,
Fragrances Ingredients
Gaëlle Arnaudy
Senior Purchasing
Manager Distributed Companies
Gaëlle Arnaudy


This year Veraspice™ will take us to the next generation of IFF ingredients. It is a multifaceted molecule, with similar characteristics to Eugenol, which can be used in many future creations.

The name “Veraspice” seems to indicate that the top notes will be reminiscent of Spicy woody Clove and Cinnamon. Yet the more interesting part of this molecule is the versatility. Interviews with perfumers that have been using Veraspice™ in existing and in new creations, highlight the versatility and fit within a wide variety of fragrances and applications.

Perfumers from IFF have had the privilege to use Veraspice™ since 2017 and the variety of applications it is used for is amazing. Depending on who you ask, the description goes from green and fresh to spicy and leathery. It can be used to impart the feel of products long forbidden in perfumery like Birch tar, or even Oakmoss.

Although Veraspice™ has a Phenol-like feel, this molecule complies with all the current regulations and has a complete set of safety data available, covering all standard human health and environmental endpoints identified by RIFM1 and required by regulators globally. It is allergen-free, non-sensitizing and non-discolouring. Based on the current safety overview Veraspice™ is not classified as a skin sensitizer, unlike Eugenol and Isoeugenol, other ingredients commonly used in white floral and carnation notes. Due to its favorable safety profile the use level restrictions for Veraspice™ are much higher than other ingredients of similar odor profile based on their IFRA Standards. Veraspice does not pass biodegradability screening tests, but does model to be ultimately biodegradable. It is non-toxic to the aquatic environment and has a low environmental impact.

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