Tick, tock...TEN!

Gemma Parramon
Europe Managing Director
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The Essential Magazine was born in April 2019, with the backlash of the Citral derivative crisis.

Since then, the articles in the different issues have dealt with a wide variety of topics in the sector that we consider to be of interest. Regulations, Biotechnology, Anosmia, CSR, etc.

In December 2019, there was the obligatory tribute to the great IFEAT in Bali: Who could have imagined at the time that this would be the last major face-to-face event in our industry until mid- 2022?

The 10 magazine covers refer to Ernesto, because since issue number 1 we have been sharing the artistic jewel of Nasevo with all of you.

When in the October 2019 issue Ernesto explained how he became the nose he was, no one would have believed that the first Essential Magazine of 2020 would pay tribute to him.

The ten magazine covers refer to Ernesto Ventós. To his creation of NASEVO.

A lot has happened during this period and reviewing the content of what we have been explaining throughout these three years is rather like picking up a photo album that we haven’t looked at for a long time; the memories come flooding back!

We hope you have enjoyed these Essential Magazines as much as we have enjoyed making them and we are delighted that, with this 10th issue, seeing you again is almost guaranteed.

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