Let the smiles come back!

Jordi Calonge
Corporate Managing Director
rrubau copia


Today, 20 April 2022, at Ventós Barcelona we have taken off our masks! After two years of misery due to the pandemic, the great day has finally arrived, much anticipated and longed for.

Today, on a sunny spring day, the smiles appeared again. Cheerful, mask-free faces spread joy and mark the end of an epidemic era, the transition to a new normal.

However, not everything is positive on the planet, as China is still confined and in a lockdown situation. Our subsidiary Ventós Shanghai continues to be closed. Hopefully they will overcome the situation soon, with the efficiency that characterises Chinese society.

At the same time, we are currently witnessing a bloody and terrifying invasion of Ukraine by Russia. An absurd and terrible war that does not only affect the Ukrainians but also the Russians, the Europeans directly and, consequently, the rest of the planet.

We hope that leaders soon recover their good sense, that hostility in the world will fade and peace will return.

But this incursion does not only bring a humanitarian crisis but also an energy crisis, an increase in the cost of raw materials, multiple logistics problems and a great uncertainty in the market that upsets humanity.

Today, 20 April, at Ventós Barcelona we hope to see the end of the crisis, and we are looking forward to observing smiles in our lives again, not only here but all over the world.

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