Roses of the World. The scent of Casa Batlló.

Angela Murillo

This year the Casa Batlló will be a sensory journey at the olfactory and visual level. A blanket of roses will cover the floor and, thanks to the expertise of Ernesto Ventós SA, we will add scent to Casa Batlló during this Sant Jordi. Ventós is a leading company in the creation of essences, which has been involved in this unique event that represents one of the most important festivals in Catalonia.

The essence, specifically designed for the iconic monument, is a blend of the best roses in the world: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, and Moroccan Rose. A mixture of fragrances that propose an olfactory journey that will bring out the five senses of visitors. This aromatic oil is considered one of the most appreciated and valued in the world due to its peculiar odor and complex extraction method. And it is that, although the roses from which this fragrance is extracted are not as beautiful as those we can usually find in any florist, they stand out for their intoxicating scent.

That is why, on such a special day as Sant Jordi, the Fundación Ernesto Ventós we wanted to link ourselves to Casa Batlló to give the most beautiful roses the most intoxicating essence.

Casa Batlló will smell of Sant Jordi more than ever.

We hope you enjoy it.

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