Pursuant to Article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services, we hereby inform you that ERNESTO VENTÓS, S.A., with corporate tax ID no. A-08329344, VAT no. ES-A08329344, a business address at Calle Zurbarán 9, Local derecha, 28010 Madrid, Spain and entered onto the Madrid Trade Register at volume 36688, folio 46, slip M-657731, is the owner of the domain www.ventos.com.
These general terms and conditions of contract (hereinafter the ‘Terms and Conditions of Contract’) will govern all aromatherapy product contracts arranged via the website www.ventos.com/ecommerce between ERNESTO VENTÓS, S.A. (hereinafter the ‘Provider’) and a customer placing an order and accepting the general terms and conditions.
The general terms and conditions and acceptance of them in the order confirmation constitute a contract between the customer and the provider.
Details of the process for making a purchase via the website may be seen in section 4 of these terms and conditions, entitled ‘Contract Process’.
When the customer place an order at www.ventos.com/ecommerce , they accept these general terms and conditions without reservation and confirm (i) that they have read and understood them and (ii) that they are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be party to a contract and assume the obligations contained in the general terms and conditions.
Likewise, by placing their order, the customer acknowledge that they have read and understood the website’s privacy policy and that they understand the characteristics and description of the products purchased and accept and agree to the same.
These general terms and conditions will be valid and must be complied with for as long as they are published on the website and until such time as they are amended.
The provider reserves the right to unilaterally update, amend or change the general terms and conditions as they see fit and will inform the customer of any changes by publishing them on the website so that they can then be complied with in relation to any new orders placed. Nonetheless, the provider reserves the right to apply specific terms and conditions of contract in certain cases and as they see fit, which will prevail over these general terms and conditions, and will announce them on the website in a timely and orderly manner.
Any amendment, particular condition or term introduced by the customer that is incongruent o incompatible with these general terms and conditions will not be valid and will not bind the provider unless the provider accepts it in writing.
The customer is entitled to cancel their order without giving a reason and returning the product received where applicable. Execution of this right is regulated in the returns policy, which may be seen in the bottom right-hand corner of the website.
For the party of the one part, the provider of the products arranged by the customer is ERNESTO VENTÓS, S.A, with contact telephone no. 34 93 470 62 10 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For the party of the other part, the customer who provides their details when registering on the website and who is responsible for the veracity, accuracy and comprehensiveness of all personal data provided. The products offered on this website are solely and exclusively for sale to professionals and business organisations in the chemical sector.
Arrangement via the provider’s website is reserved solely and exclusively for legal entities and professionals with the knowledge and ability to use and process the products advertised and whose business involves this activity. Therefore, anybody who does not belong to this category of customer must not place orders.
The provider reserves the right to cancel the order and the customer’s account if any fraudulent actions are detected involving speculation or bad faith during use of the service.
The products and prices offered and represented on the website do not constitute a binding offer or commitment on behalf of the provider and are simply an invitation to place an order.
A customer’s order does not bind the provider until it comes to the provider’s attention and they expressly accept it in writing. The contract is constituted when the provider issues an order confirmation for the customer.
If an order confirmation sent by the provider differs from the order placed by the customer, the contract will be governed pursuant to the order confirmation, unless the customer rejects the confirmation in writing within a period of 24 hours from the moment they receive it. After this time, the confirmation issued by the provider will be understood to have been accepted by the customer.
A confirmed order can only be amended or cancelled through mutual agreement between the customer and the provider.
Pursuant to Article 27 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, details of the process for arranging the products offered on the website are as follows.
The arrangement procedure may be completed in Spanish or English.
To be able to place an order, customers must first register on the website by creating a user account.
Arrangement of these products via the provider’s website is reserved solely and exclusively for legal entities and professionals with the knowledge and ability to use and process the aromatherapy products advertised and whose business involves this activity. Therefore, anybody who does not belong to this category of customer must not register and create a user account or place orders.
4.1.- New users.
In order to register and create a user account, you must click on MY ACCOUNT in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then click on ‘Create a user account’ in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The customer must then complete the fields (especially those that are compulsory for user registration) by providing the required personal data.
There are two boxes at the end of the form in relation to the service provider’s processing of the customer’s personal data. The first box links directly to the privacy policy and must be accepted by the customer in order for them to be able to register and create a user account. The second must only be accepted if the customer consents to and accepts the use of their personal data for the purpose of their receiving information and advertising from the service provider via electronic means, email and/or equivalent. The customer must then click ‘Submit data’. Lastly, the customer will select a username and password and will receive confirmation that their user account has been created.
The customer undertakes to use their username and password diligently, not to make them available to third parties and to notify the provider if they are lost or stolen or if any unauthorised third party might have accessed the user account, under which circumstances the provider will block the account.
4.2.- Access for registered users.
To access their user account and place an order, registered users must click on MY ACCOUNT and then log in using their username and password.
When the customer logs in to their account, in addition to placing new orders, they will be able to access information on the status of existing or previous orders.
4.3.- Process for placing an order.
To place an order, the customer can look for the product using the search engine in the top centre of the screen or select the image of the chosen product. Once they have selected the product, they should click the image to see its characteristics and they can also download its fact file, safety file, kosher certificate for food and naturalness certificate.
The customer can select the number of units and the measurement of amount by unit of the product chosen.
They must then click ‘Add to basket’ and the product will be added to their shopping basket so that they can complete their order. During the order process, the customer is able to amend the content of their shopping basket by removing or adding products.
The result will give a list of the products chosen and the total price including taxes, along with the option of calculating delivery charges. If the customer agrees with everything, they should click ‘Complete purchase’, confirm their details, enter their payment details and click ‘BUY NOW’ to confirm the order.
Once the provider receives the order, they will immediately send an order confirmation to the email provided by the customer, along with an invoice stating the payment due date. We recommend that the customer verify the order confirmation and notify the provider in writing if it contains any errors, as the content of the order confirmation will apply if not.
Unless the provider and the customer agree otherwise in writing, the delivery will be at the provider’s warehouse, from which point on the customer will be liable for all costs and risks in relation to the product, its insurance and its transport.
With regard to transport, the customer is responsible for:
- Obtaining any necessary authorisations and licences for export and, where applicable, passage of the product through other countries. 
- Assuming all wear and tear, devaluation, damage or loss of the product from the moment it is delivered into their care.
- Paying any other additional costs that may arise if the carrier does not arrive by the agreed time or cannot take charge of the goods.
Unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation, the delivery date will be 7 calendar days from the day after the order is placed. If the delivery is going to take longer than this, the provider must notify the customer and set a new delivery date, without this entitling the customer to any compensation.
If the provider does not meet the agreed deadline, whether initially or after the first deadline has expired, the customer may cancel the contract and request a refund of any amounts paid. If the amounts paid are not refunded, they may make a claim for double the amount owing.
The provider is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery of the product in the event of force majeure or other events that are unforeseeable or beyond the control of the provider. In these cases, the provider may cancel or suspend all or part of the agreed deliveries.
In any case, the delivery dates are subject to the provider having product availability.
The provider reserves the right to break the order down into partial deliveries to the customer when product availability makes it impossible for them to deliver the entire order at once. The customer will be notified of this circumstance. In this case, each partial delivery will be considered a separate transaction for the purposes of billing and payment.
The customer undertakes to accept the products diligently and pursuant to the content of the order confirmation. If the customer rejects or delays receipt of the products acquired, the provider may:
- Request that the customer meet their obligation to receive the product and pay the price agreed plus the pertinent late payment fees. The provider will store or deposit the products, notifying the customer that they are at their disposal, and the customer will be liable for any costs that arise from the storage or deposit of the products due to their not being received by the customer.
- Cancel the contract.
The customer is responsible for the appropriate environmental management of waste and used packaging.
The provider guarantees that the product delivered matches its description and meets specifications pursuant to the provider’s standard at the time it is dispatched from the warehouse.
For orders of samples or orders that have specifications predetermined by the customer, the seller guarantees that the goods match the approved sample and required specifications at the time they are dispatched from the warehouse.
The provider’s instructions, indications and tips regarding handling, transport, storage, conservation, expiry, applications and product usage are informational only.
The provider does not guarantee the appropriateness of the product for resale or its suitability for achieving a specific result when it is subjected to subsequent processes, handled or mixed.
The price will be the price that is in effect at the time the purchase is completed.
Nonetheless, the provider may make amendments to the price if, after the order is received, there are significant changes to prices regarding currency exchange rates, raw materials, packaging material, etc. Any notified changes in price will be understood to have been accepted if the customer does not object in writing within 10 calendar days.
All prices stated on the product fact file are net prices, exclusive of 21% VAT applicable to sales within the EU to companies who are not intracommunity operators, and will be expressed in EUROS (€). The price, unless stated otherwise, does not include delivery, transport, customs duty, insurance or other similar costs, which will be at the customer’s expense, and the provider cannot determine the precise cost of these as they depend on local taxes and excise.
The order must be paid for in full when it is confirmed by the customer and the invoice will be issued on the day the orders are dispatched at our warehouse.
When the customer place an order, they may choose to pay via:
Credit card.
The following cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD… Bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank using the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) system, so the provider does not see or record this data during the payment process, has no access to the customer’s accounts at any time and cannot make charges to their cards.
If this is the payment method chosen, once the order is complete our website will redirect the customer to the official PayPal website, where they may make their payment.
When the customer has made their payment, the order will be complete and they will receive an email containing a summary of the order.
The product is owned by the provider until it has been fully paid for by the customer, unless it has been processed or resold by the latter. The customer must keep the product in deposit, appropriately identifying it in their stores.
Neither party will be responsible for any breach of or delay in their obligations if caused by or a consequence of an act of God or force majeure.
The customer must duly examine the product provided when they receive it. Any complaint due to defects must be notified to the provider in writing within 10 calendar days of receipt of the product and always before it has been used or processed.
Any defect that cannot reasonably be detected upon receipt of the product must be notified to the provider in writing within the 10 calendar days after it is noticed and, in any case, within 3 months of receipt of the product and always before it has been used or processed.
If an incorrect or flawed product is delivered, the provider’s responsibility is limited to replacing the product or refunding the price paid upon return of the incorrect or flawed product in both cases.
Either party may terminate the contract if the other persistently and materially breaches these general terms and conditions, and any service provided until the date of termination must be paid for without prejudice to any compensation for damages that may apply pursuant to these general terms and conditions.
A written notification to this effect must be sent to the party in breach and receipt of this notification must be recorded.
Any contract put in place via the provider’s website will be understood to have been executed at the address of ERNESTO VENTÓS, S.A., at Carretera Reial 120-B, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain.
These general terms and conditions are governed by Spanish legislation and the parties will submit any conflict or discrepancy regarding the interpretation or application of the same to the courts of Barcelona, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

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