Ernesto Ventós Casadevall (1894-1933) started his company of Spanish essential oils distillation in 1916. The following years saw the consolidation of his company which subsequently expanded to include the production of a number of derivatives and the representation in Spain of several important foreign companies.

Ernesto Ventos Ravetllat


Ernesto Ventós Ravetllat (1921-2012) in the 40s, took over the family business of essential oils in the workshop founded by his father, on Descatllar Street in Barcelona, once it had been refurbished after the effects of the Civil War.

Firmenich i Ventós

Apart from the purchase and sale of essential oils, part of the business was dedicated to the representation of important international firms, leaders in the fragrance and flavor industry.

Sr Ventós  i Jordi Calonge

Inici Jordi Calonge

To be able to continue serving his customers, Ernesto Ventós Ravetllat took on Jordi Calonge (Barcelona, 1961) in March 1987.
Stage one of Jordi Calonge’s business strategy was to take on new people to build a young team that could take the company forward.
The goal was to build a commercial and customer service structure to operate on the domestic market of raw materials for fragrances and aromas.

Ventós Cornellà

Arribada a Cornellà

Jordi Calonge's new phase at Ventós began successfully. The company was growing steadily. More people were needed and also more space to accommodate them, so in 1988 land was acquired in the town of Cornellà.
In 1990 EVSA moved to the new facilities where it acquired the first freight elevator for the warehaouse and the first gas chromatograph for the laboratory. As a result of these changes, by the end of the 1990s, exports grew by 72%.

Ventós Cornellà

Edifici Sant Just

Inici SJ1

Due to the economic growth of the company, which required an expansion of the facilities and offices, EVSA purchased in December 1997 the former Camy ice cream warehouse (Nestlé), located in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona).
A process of renovation and enlargement of the plant, which was to house offices, warehouse and laboratory, was started.
The transfer of the headquarters to Sant Just would culminate in March 2001.


Mag i Lab a SJ1

Once the move to Sant Just was completed in 2001, the warehouse was divided into areas.
These were the refrigerator for the optimal conservation of certain essences, the area for flammable products, the repackaging section, the laboratory and the areas dedicated to goods receipt and dispatch.



Inauguració SJ2

In the first decade of the 21st century, the workforce continued to grow, as did turnover and the product portfolio. Ventós distributed products from the world's leading companies in the sector.
Once again, the facilities became insufficient, and a new building was built next to the old one, which is currently the headquarters of Ventós, in Carretera Reial, Sant Just Desvern.
The building was inaugurated in 2008.


Adquisició Prodasynth

In the coming years, Ventós continued to expand overseas, opening offices and warehouses in China and Mexico, both in 2011 and later acquiring French company Prodasynth, an aroma chemicals manufacturer, in 2013.


Magatzem SJ3

Inici SJ3

In 2013, EVSA renovated and refurbished Myrurgia´s former warehouses in Sant Just Desvern to improve and modify its facilities and transform it into the modern automated warehouse it is today.
Divided into different areas dedicated to the storage and treatment of the products, the warehouse covers 30,000m2 and has capacity for over four thousand pallets.

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