I am positive and optimistic

In this interview we will learn a little about the most personal facet of our Recepcionist, Ana Boulton.

Judit IglesiasTell us your day-to-day tasks.
In addition to answering the phone and the door: receiving visitors, couriers, and carriers, etc... I carry out many administrative tasks such as: daily automatic invoicing of our customers, preparing documentation for all samples of essential oils and aroma chemicals we send daily, as well as their packaging and coordination with couriers. I also prepare documentation for all couriers of the day, both domestic and international.
Additionally, I handle the emails sent to the company and dedicate myself to forwarding them to their corresponding department and various other tasks that may arise throughout the day. It's a very engaging, dynamic, and non-stop job!


What sets Ventós apart in the market?
The quality and excellent service.

What do you like most about your work?
That, even though it's always the same, every day is different and it allows me to interact with many departments and people. It's enjoyable.

What base does your favourite perfume have?
A citrus base, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

What smells transport you back to your childhood?
The smell of the sea and eucalyptus. I grew up on the coast, and next to our house, there were many eucalyptus trees. We used to play collecting them and making vapor rubs.

What is your ideal vacation destination? What would your perfect vacation be like?
The combination of turquoise beaches with white sand along with playful/cultural visits.

What is the main trait of your character?
Positivity and optimism.

What style of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite singer?
I'm very eclectic, I like everything from Frank Sinatra to The Ramones, through Dua Lipa and Pink, for example. I also like classical music.

What is your favorite pastime?
Going to the beach and to the movies.

If a film director offered you to make a movie about your life, who would you like to play your character?
Meryl Streep, even though she's older than me, haha!

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
To the recent past. The future that is coming scares me, given how we are behaving with/in the world in all aspects.