I wish Ventós a great future

In this interview we will learn a little about the most personal facet of our Warehouse Manager, Máximo Mate.

Máximo MateHow long have you been working at Ventos?
36 years, a lifetime...

Tell us one of the best moments you have lived in Ventos, and one of the most complicated ones.
36 years gives rise to many moments, but when I remember that first day when I started working at Ventos, where we started from and how far we have come, that moment becomes a source of pride and great emotion.
Of course, there have also been less good moments, but they were overcome and that makes them fade away in time.

Explain to us your day-to-day management.
It is my responsibility to prepare and coordinate the work to be done during the working day of the sections I am in charge of. For this I count on the people in charge of each area. We meet and organize the day based on priorities, urgencies, transport agency schedules, etc. For me, the organization and coordination between areas and personnel is of vital importance.

What differentiates Ventos in the market?
On the one hand, being able to have such a wide range of products and references is very important and an asset for our customers and the rest of the market. I would also highlight the organization of the company so that our customers receive their orders in record time, the coordination between purchases, the commercial department, laboratory, warehouse, logistics, etc. It's very important. And finally we have our subsidiaries that bring us closer to the rest of the world..

What do you like most about your job?
What I like the most and what matters the most is that things are done well. When I schedule a job to be done, the circle closes and everything fits, it is a great satisfaction. This means that both the areas and the staff involved have done it with enthusiasm and responsibility. We work every day for this result.

How does it feel to have worked in a company that started with 8 employees and now has more than 280?
Well, as I have already mentioned before, it is a source of pride. Having participated and lived this evolution since the first days makes you value everything much more, you also feel that the company is a little bit yours. Getting this far is the result of a lot of effort, management and all the staff who wanted to get involved in this adventure. The result of what we have achieved in 36 years is impressive.

Of the 3000 products we have in stock, which one is your favorite?
After 36 years of touching and smelling them, I can't choose just one. I choose the family of naturals:  oranges and lemons, lavenders and lavandins, mandarins and bergamots, rosemary, lavender, thyme. When the operators handle them for the preparation of orders, it is a pleasure to enjoy their smells and aromasthat escape when they open the faucet.

What smells take you back to your childhood?
Rosemary, lavender, thyme, camomile. I was born and spent my childhood in a small village in the province of Burgos, which is surrounded by land and mountains, where all these aromatic plants grow. With my parents we used to go out in the bush and these smells were everywhere...

Your ideal vacation destination?
I am very attracted to countries like Italy and Egypt, which I hope to visit someday.

Main traits of your character?
Respect and responsibility.

What style of music do you listen to? Favorite singer?
I'm more of singer-songwriters, Serrat, Aute, Sabina, Luz Casal, I also like the music of El último de la fila, Jarabe de palo, Amaral. It depends on the moment.

What is your favorite hobby?
Walking and if I can get lost in nature, all the better. Climbing a mountain, walking through a valley, enjoying the scenery, the tranquility, the silence...it's something that relaxes me and makes me feel good.

If a film director offered you a movie about your life, which actor or actress would you like to be your character?
I like good cinema very much, but I don't have a favorite actor or actress. I like those who by themselves fill the screen and make you enjoy it.

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
If we assume that the past no longer exists and the future is yet to come, I'll take the present.

How do you imagine Ventos in the future?
Well, the future is yet to come... but I predict and wish Ventos a great future.